Our Approach

Our Beginning

Every journey has a starting point. Ours happens to be the Lake of Fire. Sure, it's not the resort destination that many of you dream about...BUT...it will be the destination for many of you regardless. Just sayin'...

Our Story

Our Role in this Story

Think of us as the Statler and Waldorf of a world filled with sin and evil instead of Muppets. But truthfully, we took the job because we thought that the Divine Comedy was going to be funny...ha ha...the joke's on us.

Meet the Team

The work we do is important. We swear! We're like the Hellish version of Mystery Science Theater 3000...only if it was a reality show. We commentate on events LIVE! Well, not live, since technically all are dead when they get here...but you understand what I'm saying...


Ira Dextra

Bard in Charge

Ira Dextra was a character actor in his day and even auditioned for the role of Grandpa Simpson but the producers felt he had a cartoon face more suited to radio then TV. Even on Fox.

He voiced Tom on the Tom and Jerry Show but couldn't get in front of the camera. FYI...the caricature was drawn at the Happiest Place in Hell...Disneyland. Sigh...yes, they even have a park here. And the lines are literally murder...


Ira Sinistra

Senior Director of Scribblings

Ira Sinistra has been a Hellbound denizen for a while. Can you tell? He suffers from delusions of grandeur, and in a past life -- or so he says -- he was single handedly responsible for the demise of the Neanderthals.

He was also a traitor to the Cro Magnon and his portrait adorns the cave of Lost Souls near Lascaux. Now he is a certified quality specialist for the Bolge Beneficiaries Society. But that face...

Join Our Team...

We believe that great minds don't have to think alike so join our fan club and start directly interacting with the Iras. Or become part of the journey and help Dante and his friends find their way home...or does their destiny lie somewhere beyond? Duh, duh, duhhhhhh!