Introducing Sinsects

Understanding that the soup of quarks and leptons, let’s call it pre-baryonic broth, leaks out of the Empyrean into the spheres of Heaven, trickles onto the parvata of Purgatory, and then drips its way down into Hell, it is apparent just how essential it is. In our dimension it is pervasive and courses throughout invisible, but in the dimensional realm where Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso exist, it is a river of rich brew, a creek of consomme, a trickle of transfusion – in short, it is the fountain of farrago. At the center of Hell, in Tarturus, to which Lucifer’s essence is now bound, it collects into the Infinity Pool potpourri in which he can see an immersive reality projection of the dimensions of our universe.

The infernal flow of this infiltration provides fertile homes for Sinsect hives where they grow from the goulash. The idea is that when God makes stuff out of the soup it ends up creating the level of organization that supports us:

Subatomic particles -> atoms -> elements -> molecules -> macro-molecules -> cells -> tissue -> organs -> organ systems -> organisms .  . . et voila, us. Good.

When Sinsects use it, it ends up being mostly nasty and hive minded like, well, insects. If you start with the same basic blocks and then start putting an exoskeleton around it and make it extremely difficult to imagine the resulting appendages as designed in any other way than that their only function is to move towards, grab and insert prey into their tearing mouth parts, well that’s naturally Bad and makes us fearful.

So the Hive, which was the point of this little essay, is a dark, dank place lit only by the light of the subatomic soup river which, in some God-like travesty, Sinsects can interact with to create more of themselves. How do they do this? Simple. They embody the sinful thoughts of the human souls cast into Hell by their perversions of love. Sinners in Hell are shorn of their protection, their “grace” I believe you call it, from the ability of Sinsects to feed on these thoughts. This feeding causes what remains of them to physically shrivel into pulsing tissue. The Sinsects take this pulsating mass to their rivulets of pre-baryonic broth inside the hives and reshape it into more Sinsects – taking forms dependent upon the originators most prominent perversion.

Only the bigger Sinsects can do this – maybe just the traitors but perhaps the fraudulent as well – this is a fine point in my theology I haven’t quite worked out. To me, these Treasonbugs make sense because their work is the fullest perversion of God’s love, using God’s creation soup in the most perverse way, and potentially arriving at a point where they are out of control and only an “army” of Nephilim can stop them. The lower Sinsects are just there as caste (warrior and worker) creatures for the Treasonbugs and, of course, a source of sustenance as necessary.

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  1. My excellent partner Ira…your introduction to those damnable creatures was a feast for the vocabulary senses…a smorgasbord of pertinent theories and facts…a buffet of ideas and visuals…in short, it was a saucy essay that brought life to a topic that is oft times merely terrifyingly bland and depressing…it also made me hungry for a nice stew…well done!

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